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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Sapphire Class

Welcome to Sapphire Class! We are a class of Year 3 pupils. Our teacher is Miss Male and Mrs Rowland is the teaching assistant in our class.

Class email address: sapphire@puritonprimaryschool.org.uk

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 Autumn Term 2020-2021

Week beginning 19/10/20

This week we were pleased to have Miss Male back with us. We have learned how to use the column method in Maths by adding and subtracting 3-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers and also with tens. In English we have been applying the skills we've learned as a slow write recount and we all did really well.

As part of our first learning experience we have begun to make, colour and design different types of mosaics which were what the Romans left behind in Britain many, many years ago.

We were excited to have our first Year 3 gem party on Friday where we made Halloween crafts and watched a film. We even had Gloria the hamster join us for a bit! Miss Male was really impressed with how well and how quickly we tidied up at the end.

Have a great half term everyone and stay safe!


Weeks beginning 05/10/20 and 12/10/20

We've had a good two weeks of learning while Miss Male has been isolating.

In history we've learned what the Romans left behind and in particular the details of mosaics. We now know what they are made from and what the difference in colours and amounts of detail mean.

We enjoyed having a go at a place value investigation and we have also been learning to add and subtract 3-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers using different methods. 

In English we have been learning the key skills of recount writing. In particular, how to use different grammar skills and what punctuation is used with it.

In Q&V we have completed a road safety project and made posters as part of a competition. We now know how to keep ourselves and others safe on our way to school. We also know how to help others park considerately.


Week beginning 28/09/20

We have been enjoying exploring Kenning poetry which we have learned came from the Anglo-Saxons! We have been learning about the different word classes and how you can turn verbs into nouns by adding the 'er' suffix.

In maths we have been learning how to put 3-digit numbers accurately on a number line and order the numbers as well. We particularly enjoyed creating a class timeline of events of the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings invasion of Britain as part of our class topic display.

In science we investigated the strength of two different types of magnet. We used paperclips, a bar magnet and a ring magnet. We had to predict which magnet we thought would be the strongest, plan and carry out a fair test and then evaluate our findings.


Week beginning 21/09/20

We have been working really hard in maths this week to show how well we can partition 3 digit numbers in different ways. We have also been practising our times tables.

In English we have been exploring Kenning poetry and noticing the key features used in them.

We really enjoyed the WOW start to our new history topic 'Evolving Empires' and enjoyed foraging for sticks and leaves to use to decorate minature houses. We then set up our own settlement in the outdoor classroom and over lunch time it had been invaded! There were lots of clues left behind including pictures and a scroll. After looking closely at the clues, we soon realised it was the Romans!

In reading, we have been learning more about the Romans and who they were. We decided that we would prefer to not be invaded ourselves!


First Fortnight 07/09/20 - 18/09/20

Sapphire Class have had a fab first fortnight back at school!

We have been doing lots of revision of the key skills from Year 2 to make sure we can apply our skills to our new learning of Year 3! We've enjoyed lots of learning outside the classroom which involves hunting for maths questions to answer on the field and working out spelling words from muddled letters! We've liked having lots of opportunities to do practical learning and we've been practising our laptop skills as well.

We are enjoying DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) reading our class book called The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark and have had some great discussions about the content.

This term our core value is independence and we've all decided how each of us can show we are being independent.

Another book we focused on in the first week of Year 3 was called The Something which is about a boy who bounces his ball in the garden but it doesn't bounce back! The class had to think about where the ball could have gone and then drew and wrote about it to form our class display in the corridor. The children had some wonderfully imaginative ideas! Linking with this the children had a go at some problem solving with a marble run.

The class School Councillors would usually be writing and reading out a speech in a Friday assembly, but because this can't currently happen, over the next few weeks they will be writing their speeches fr this website page. Watch this space!

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to what the rest of Year 3 brings!