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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Ruby Class  


We are a class of Year 1 pupils.

Our teacher is Ms Franks and Mrs Norris is the teaching assistant in our class.

Autumn Term 2019-2020 

Curriculum map 

Parent letter

Term 2 Week 1

What a very busy four days we have had! We have worked hard on our subtraction skills. We have used practical items and numberlines to help us solve problems. 

We also had a great time with Opal class to develop our Enterprize project. we enjoyed making the poster and particularly working in our classes to make biscuits. Altogether we made 350!  A HUGE thank you to everyone who bought some as the profit will go to the OLC. 

Week 8

Another busy week doing assessments and learning lots! We have enjoyed learning about Knights from the past including one called William Marshall and we learnt there are knights today. We also learnt about a 'Sir' called Sir David Attenborough. He doesn't wear armour though!

In Science we have thought about the different types of plants we know and we learnt to identify different ones such as dock leaves and say why they are important. 

We also had a great time watching Opal class perform their Circus show. There were clowns, acrobats and jugglers. It was lots of fun and learnt about being a good audience....and we got popcorn as a treat!!

Week 7

A super week of Knights yet again. We have learnt all about Pages, squires and Knights and we have made up our own sets of rules to create Codes of Chivalry. It was fun thinking about the rules and writing them trying to use capital letters, spaces and full stops. Then we stained paper with coffee to make it look like an old scroll and wrote our Code of Chivalry in pen. We think they look good.

Then yesterday we travelled to another country -Wales!- and went to Caldicot castle on our class trip.It was a super sunny day so we even got to eat our lunch outside. We learnt lots about the castle and its features such as the bailey walls, the keep, the tower and the cannon. We all especially enjoyed going into the storeroom to look into the deep dungeon.....but we were so amazing we didn't need to go in it!!

Week 6

This week we have continued to use the story of Small Knight and George to help us sequence a story. First we put pictures in order and then we wrote sentences to match. It helped us to develop our learning of capital letters, spaces and full stops. We are beginning to get the hang of it already!!

In maths we used the + and = signs to create calculations and write them. It was fun using the cubes to help us look for patterns. 

In our second learning experience we learnt about being a page and squire before you could be a knight. It was fun learning about what they had to do. Then today we finally got the better weather so we were able to do the cross country run which we all enjoyed. Then we also had lots of fun at our class gem party this afternoon when we had snacks, drinks and we got to watch Zog the movie.

Week 5

Our acting skills came into play this week! In English we have been using the book -Small Knight and George by Ronda Armitage- to help us learn about stories. We had lots of fun acting out all the characters and sequencing the events in order. We thought about the different characters and tried to use our actions and voices to show them. Using a story map we then thought about a story beginning, middle and end.

In Maths we have begun to focus on addition and subtraction. We used part part whole boards to help us partition numbers and then add them back to create the whole number.

We also really enjoyed our Inspire activities and especially having our families to work with us. Our dragon puppets and shield designs were great and all very different!  A huge thank you to all who came to help us.

Week 4


Knights everywhere! It was really good fun this week in Ruby class when we all brought in our teddies from home (including Ms Franks with George) and create a 'suit of armour' for them. We used our DT skills to cut and join card in different ways and we use  fabric to make our tabards. We designed a picture or logo to go on the front also. Then we added labels and captions to our teddy Knights. it was great fun but helped us in our first learning experience which used History, DT and English skills.

Our maths continued to focus on place value and we introduced the signs of < and > and = when comparing numbers. We were able to select number cards and roll dice to help us compare and show which amount was greater or fewer and those that were equal.

We have continued to focus on the alphabet and have used it in our handwriting practice too.

Week 3

We have had lots of fun and lots of learning about Autumn this week. Using the school grounds we went on a science walk to look for any of the signs of autumn that we had thought about in our class discussions. Although it's still lovely and sunny we found lots of signs that Autumn has begun! We all enjoyed finding the apples and pears growing alongside berries for birds and we particularly enjoyed finding leaves that were changing colour.

We are continuing our maths learning using place value and have been counting forwards and backwards and also problem solving 1 more and 1 less.

As our first learning experience is about labelling and identifying the Knights armour we have used textease to select a picture and add labels. This helped us with our laptop skills too.

Week 2


Knight Knight everyone! Yes we have started our History themed topic where we are learning about Knights and Castles. We have received a scroll from Lady Red and Lady Yellow who have sent us 10 challenges to show we are ready to become Knights of Ruby class. It has been fun starting them.

In our English learning we have focused on labels and lists this week using the book called Dangerous by Tin Warnes. We loved the story and used the ideas to label our class toys too. It helped us to think about labels when we used the BeeBots to label the knights suit of armour.

Our maths learning is focused on place value to 10. We have ordered and counted out amounts and shown them in different ways. We are also learning the match the number and the number word.

We have also really enjoyed using our DT skills to create a whole class castle using large boxes...especially when we got to go inside it!


Week 1

What a super start to our first week in Ruby class. We have all been exploring around the class to find out where our resources are and very importantly the lovely toys!!

We have made our class rules and signed the contract to say we will keep them.

We have done a lot of assessments this week including 40 spellings and 20 additions plus lots of phonics, sentence writing, counting and sorting and reading. We have particularly enjoyed our new reading area with the comfy cushions and bean bag! Is been very busy and we are looking forward to starting our topic next week.