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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

School Uniform

Parents are asked to support the school colours of maroon and grey.  There is a complete choice over the style and make of garments but sweatshirts, fleeces, cardigans, jogging bottoms, polo shirts, t-shirts and sun hats may be purchased from the school office.

All pupils are expected to wear the correct uniform at school and on all school trips, unless specifically advised otherwise. All items of clothing should be named.


grey/dark grey knee-length skirt/culottes or knee-length pinafore dress or grey/dark grey trousers (not jeans or tracksuits) 

white blouse or polo shirt

maroon sweatshirt/cardigan/jumper/fleece

grey/black tights or white socks

• during the summer months, knee-length pink/maroon gingham striped dresses may be worn



grey/dark grey trousers or shorts

white shirt or polo shirt

maroon sweatshirt/cardigan/jumper/fleece

black/grey socks



• suitable, sensible footwear should be worn – plain black or dark grey shoes

• high heeled shoes, boots, trainers and jelly shoes are not suitable for school and are not part of our uniform code. Heels should be no more than 3cms

• during the summer months, white or black sandals may be worn but these must have a strap around the heel (not crocs, jelly shoes or flip-flops)



• a PE bag

White round-neck T-shirt (not polo shirts)

Black Shorts

• In Autumn/Winter, children may prefer to wear plain black, grey or burgundy tracksuit bottoms or plain black leggings instead of shorts

Black daps (gym shoes) or plain black or white trainers (please note these must be Velcro, if they can’t tie their laces and no ‘high top’ trainers allowed)

A separate plain black, grey or burgundy round-neck jumper (no zips or hoods)