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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Opal Class

We are the youngest members of Puriton Primary School. Our teacher is Ms Keating and we have two teaching assistants, Ms Morton and Mrs Cole. 

 Weekly timetable 


Please bring book bag with home school diary and reading book.



Book bag needed in school.

Bring in challenge book if a new challenge is needed.


Book bag needed in school.

Welly Wednesday - so wellies needed. These may be left on the welly rack.

New reading books are available.


Book bag needed in school.

PE kit is needed. PE bags may be left on the pegs.

Bring in challenge book if a new challenge is needed.


Book bag needed in school.

PE kit is needed. PE bags may be left on the pegs.

New reading books are available.

 Book bags and challenge books will be given to the children later this term.  

Autumn Term:

Routine letter

Roll up Roll up!

W/C 4th November

Opal class worked with Ruby class on an enterprise project this week. In small groups, we decorated posters and talked about what we needed to do. We then made chocolate biscuits in the shape of teddy bears which were sold at the end of the day. Lots of money was made for the OLC school in Kenya. 


Sharon, from the museum bought lots of old toys for us to look at and play with on Thursday. We were very curious learners; asking questions; making comparisons; using our senses; and being very interested in what they were made of. Some children decided to get dressed up. They also made a thaumatrope. Image result for thaumatropes.



W/C: 21st October

Children have been showing there phonic knowledge this week by ordering food from the phoneme cafe. They could have a sandwich, toast, pear, apple, noodles, naan bread or a tomato. It was a very tasty way to learn.  


We made our own tickets for our circus, practised our performances and then gave our show to Ruby class. 

Here are some of our tickets. Top to bottom- Isla Haydn Noah


Jude collected the tickets and gave each member of the audience a pot of popcorn. We had to work out how many pots we needed and then count them out carefully.

Roll up, Roll up! Come to the circus.



The performance went well and Ruby class really enjoyed themselves. Well done Opal class. You have learnt lots in this topic.  

W/C: 14th October

This week we heard the story 'Ernest' by Catherine Rayner about a Moose who could not fit on a page in the book. Pairs of children were challenged to make a page large enough for the teddy. They were able to use small pieces of paper and masking tape. They had to use their communication skills to share the task and achieve together. It was great fun.



We were curious learners on Wednesday, using our sense of smell to make a smelly potion for 'Smelly Louie'. We used sticks we found to mix our potions of leaves, flowers, sticks and mud. We thought Louie would like our potions and it was great fun learning with a friend. We had to share and talk to our friend. 


We bought a special item into school to help us realise how we are all special and different from our friends. Lucas bought in a book about bugs that he really likes. It is special to him.

 We have started to plan our circus for Ruby class next week. We have decided what performer we are going to be and made posters to advertise our show. The children looked at real circus posters and decided what they needed to put on theirs to make them good. I think they have worked very hard. Here is EliasPenny's  Bobbie's  


W/C: 7th October

This week went to their first singing assembly and learnt the song 'Wake up!' I was really impressed with how they joined in with the words and actions. 

We have been learning to write different phonemes in a variety of ways, including using a paintbrush in ketchup. Very smelly and fun. 

We took part in the school cross country run. The children ran and walked round the field for twenty minutes. They definitely needed their water bottles after all that exercise.



W/C: 30th September

This week we have been turning ourselves into clowns as our first Learning Experience. We turned on the i-pads, took good quality photographs of our friend, making sure it was not blurry and then used our own photograph in an app called Doodle Buddy. We added funny noses, hats and clown clothes to make ourselves look very funny.


As part of our learning using the Key Skill of communication, we have been taking part in a 'check in', saying hello to the children who are next to us and then telling everyone what makes us happy using the sentence starter "I am happy when..."

Bobbie said "I am happy when I play on the play station with my Daddy."

Megan said "I am happy when I give my mum a huggle."

Jackson said "I am happy when my mum tucks me in at night."

This week we listened to the story "Augustus and his smile" by Catherine Rayner. We listened out for the word 'pranced', and when we found it we stood up and pranced around the classroom. During Wellie Wednesday we made our own paint, investigating what would be a suitable material. Mud turned out to be really good. We then painted smiles. It was lots of messy learning. 


W/C: 23rd September

We have continued to count carefully and solve problems using our counting skills, such as 'Will 3 cups of water fill this jug?' We are getting more accurate with organising the objects by lining them up and touching each item when we say a number. Our fantastic word this week is 'clambered' which we found in the book 'Norris, the bear who shared' by Catherine Rayner. Our new reading area is very popular.

Thank you for coming to the meeting on Thursday. It was great to see so many people. Here is the handout. 

W/C: 16th September

We listened to 'Sylvia and Bird' Catherine Rayner, hunting for our word of the week 'swooped'. When we heard it the children shouted out "swooped" and then moved their arms into a swooping motion. Sylvia and Bird are friends that work together. The children were then challenged to work with a friend to make one picture with 20 lolly sticks. It is sometimes hard to compromise but the children did well and learnt to work with someone new. 


We talked this week about how it will look if we are ready for listening. This is our quality listening audience. The children decided that they need to use their eyes to look, ears to listen, brain to think and to sit still. Next week we will be talking about being respectful to people at school and all our toys and equipment.

We have continued to count with care; objects and actions.

The children got into their PE kits on Thursday and moved forwards and backwards in a variety of ways to music. 

The children had the new experience of staying to lunch. They dealt with this admirably and tried different foods. The chicken curry was very tasty. We are all looking forward to staying all day next week.

W/C: 9th September

This week the children in Opal class took part in the skipping workshop. They learnt how to jump over the rope when it was a 'snake' and then jump while the rope was turned for them. They were fantastic, listening carefully and bouncing lots.



We have continued to count with care while using the picture book 'Abigail' by Catherine Rayner. We have counted giraffes, ladybird spots and stars. When counting carefully we have to say the number names in order and then if we can, touch the item. We will be using books by this author over this term. 

Everyone is looking forward to meeting the other half of the class and staying to lunch next week. 


 W/C: 3rd  September

The children have settled very well into Opal class . They have made new friends, learnt how to share the toys and have started to learn new rhymes and songs. We have been counting carefully and blending sounds to work hear the word e.g. "touch your ch-i-n".

Next week the children will need to have PE kits in school as we are taking part in the skipping workshop. It will also be useful to have a thin coat in school while the weather is changeable, as we go out to play even if it is drizzling.