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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Health and Fitness Assembly

On Wednesday 19th September, we welcomed in Mr Criddle from 1610 to lead an active assembly to kick start our very own 'Health and Fitness Week'. During the assembly, all pupils completed a fun, challenging workout that included moving on the spot, squats, lunges, stretches and much more. He talked about the importance of exercise and eating healthily. All pupils were exercising and smiling, which was good to see. It was a fantastic assembly to be a part of!

To help promote physical activity further, as well as healthy eating and staying safe in and out of school, we have planned a ‘Health and Fitness Week’ for pupils, commencing Monday 24th September

During the course of the week, all pupils will:

  • Complete an age-appropriate First Aid workshop
  • Run in a house cross country event
  • Learn about the importance and benefits of healthy food choices and regular exercise
  • Complete daily workouts in class at the start of the day
  • Have access to planned exercise and/or activities at break and lunchtime
  • Be involved in ‘Active Golden Time’

The house cross country is on the Tuesday so please ensure your child has their PE kit and appropriate footwear in school. If the weather is poor and prevents us from doing the cross country, we will rearrange for a later date.