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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

OLC Kenya


We have developed a close partnership with Our Lady of Consolation School in Kenya.

The school is funded by St Peter’s LifeLine charity (reg 1136150) http://www.stpeterslifeline.org.uk/  The aim of the OLC is to bring in children from all around the area, from whatever faith or none, whose parents cannot even afford the meagre costs (books, uniform, food) of sending them to local government primary schools. They also help to raise funds for priority capital projects, fund the incredible lifesaving and life changing programme which fights against Female Genital Mutilation and a micro finance programme for women within the community.

By linking with OLC, our pupils gain a wider understanding of and respect for the life experiences of children living in very different contexts to their own. Children’s work is regularly exchanged with children in OLC, through Mr Baldwin's regular trips. There are also greater opportunities for purposeful literacy and art, for example, not to mention more meaningful aims for children's Enterprise fundraising.