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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Sex and Relationships

No parent is keen for their child to grow up too quickly. However, it cannot be denied that we live in an increasingly sexualised society where TV programmes, magazine articles and advertising increasingly portray and promote sexuality. Sadly, the UK also continues to have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe.

Following consultation with parents and staff, Governors concluded that the Living and Growing materials, used by many other primary schools, provide the most appropriate scheme for introducing necessary but potentially sensitive issues. 

Discussions in class are based on a series of eight 15 minute programmes taken from the Living and Growing education DVD.

Throughout the programmes, there is a strong emphasis on sex and relationships education within the context of warm and loving relationships. The style of the programmes is bright and positive, using young presenters from the target age groups. The programmes have strong storylines and characters the children can identify with. A magazine format is used which combines the children talking, animation with songs and where possible, humour is used.

Many adults and some faith groups would be concerned in using real people to illustrate nudity; animation has therefore been used throughout the series when showing naked bodies.

Click here to see an overview of how the programmes will be used in each year group.