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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Our Curriculum

We believe that education is about preparing our children for the ever-changing modern world and equipping them with the skills they are going to need to face the challenges ahead. For our children, it starts here, in Puriton Primary – where their appetite and zest for learning is unrivalled.

Drawing upon the local area wherever possible, we provide a creative and flexible curriculum that’s truly fit for the 21st century – an education that really engages and motivates children; that awakes in them a real love for learning that will carry through the rest of their lives; an education that instills respect for oneself and for others in community and the wider world, irrespective of faith, traditions or cultures.

We value academic success very highly and provide rich and stimulating learning opportunities within a Creative Curriculum, which challenges and stretches all learners. Where possible, children’s knowledge, skills and understanding are developed through a wide variety of exciting themes or topics that have been carefully chosen to tap into their interests, yet also provide meaningful opportunities within which they can apply their learning in a purposeful way.

We recognise that learning is most effective when it is based on first-hand experiences, fuelled by questions and achieved through problem solving and collaboration. Our Critical Skills approach provides opportunities for children to develop all of these. Children frequently work in pairs or in small groups to tackle meaningful problems, often presented as “Challenges”. They acquire and practice key skills such as communication, team work and decision making – the skills needed throughout life – as well as learning, consolidating or revising knowledge. In this way we put children at the centre of their own learning and place great importance on nurturing skills and attitudes such as independence, resourcefulness, resilience and co-operation. 

We also foster a real Community Spirit in order to nurture the wide range of talents that we all have as unique individuals and we value recognising and celebrating personal achievements.

Across the school, we are rigorous in our approach; we believe in the uniqueness and potential of each child and have high aspirations for and expectations of all staff and children.

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Our school curriculum draws many elements from the National Primary Curriculum (NPC), although objectives are adapted within our creative approach. Contact the school if you require more detail about a specific aspect of the curriculum or click here if you would like more information on the NPC.