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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Celebrating Achievements



Certificates: Friday 20th May 2022


Star of the week

OPAL: Lewis B for fantastic writing this week. Wow!

RUBY: Joseph M for working extremely hard and independently with your Jack and the Beanstalk writing. We are so impressed!

AMBER: Elias L for being so resilient when practising his neat, joined handwriting.

SAPPHIRE: Jack P for being a great expert during our fractions learning and helping others when they need it. You’ve been a great teacher and really helped other children understand how to find the answers.

DIAMOND: Lily C for superb resilience and independence this week with your learning. You have kept trying when you haven’t found things easy.

JET: Ruby E for having a really positive attitude to the changes this week.

EMERALD:  Becky C, Felicity C and Roxie H for great teamwork in DT when making their steady hand game


Reading Award KS1: Aria P Wow. You are getting so confident with your reading. Well done.

Reading Award KS2: Evie M for showing great enthusiasm when choosing a new book to borrow from the library.


Maths Star KS1: Scarlett R for working hard and challenging yourself. You are determined to solve problems and explain how you got your answer.

Maths Star KS2:  Alfie M for showing a great understanding of fractions and helping others understand too.

French Award Y3&Y4:
Jamie C has a lovely positive attitude to his learning and takes it very seriously, asking interesting questions.  He is quick to organise himself and get onto a task he is given.  Well done Jamie!

French Award Y5&6: No Award this week


PE Award KS1: Penny K for demonstrating accurate throwing skills with a range of equipment.

PE Award KS2: Zack V for fantastic participation in PE this week.


Lunchtime Award KS1: Jude C for being polite and using his manners when receiving his dinner the other day.    

Lunchtime Aw ard KS2: Ollie G for being a responsible member of his class and displaying role model behaviour.


Attendance Award – Opal Class with 98.3%