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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Celebrating Achievements


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The certificates for amazing achievements awarded

on Friday 20th November  are:


 Work of Excellence

Opal Evie D For great oral blending of phonemes.
Ruby Amelia C For excellent answers in our whole class reading.
Amber Ella L For the most amazing video performance of the poem, 'These Old Shoes.' You can see it on Amber Class page!
Sapphire Cristal C For working hard in Maths this week.
Diamond Trevor D For a fantastic newspaper report typed on the computer. 
Jet Jacob M For some outstanding vocabulary choices, when writing character descriptions for Egyptian Gods.
Emerald Whole class For settling into home learning swiftly.

 Qualities & Values

Opal Joseph M For sharing the outside playground toys fairly.
Ruby Avah K  for showing kindness to a child who had fallen in the playground.
Amber Indie T-B For deciding to write a beautiful poem about kindness following a qualities and values lesson and for also doing a random act of kindness for a friend. 
Sapphire Holly L For always offering to help.
Diamond Seren K For always being compassionate and showing respect to others in the class.  
Jet Thomas M For always being helpful in the classroom and being so polite to other children and adults.
Emerald Whole class For being compassionate and understanding during the current situation.

 Key Skills

Opal Henry H For creative thinking while making a leaf picture.

 Nora A

For a focused and detailed drawing of the 'medieval lady' statue, showing shape and line clearly.
Amber Amber Class For being amazing with their home learning. They have approached each lesson creatively and enthusiastically. From writing poetry, to designing workouts, to playing games in a class TEAMS meeting. You are all awesome!
Sapphire Khloe C For being creative with vocabulary in her writing.
Diamond Mollie W For a creative puzzle piece giving advice for those that have been bullied. 
Jet Denver H For demonstrating great creativity, when designing our e-safety posters.
Emerald Whole Class For being creative with their home learning.