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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School

Amber Class


We are a class of Year 2 pupils. Our teachers are Mrs Brown for four days and Mrs Williams on a Wednesday. Miss James is the teaching assistant in our class.



Welcome to Year 2! We look forward to another exciting year of experiences and learning.

Our Autumn theme is, 'Brilliant Brunel!' We are considering why he was a famous engineer, what his life was like and how life has changed since the Victorian times.

Here is our Autumn term overview

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Autumn 2 - Week 1

Welcome back to Amber Class! We hope you all had a wonderful half term. 

Our new fluency focus for this half term is 'adding using near doubles.' Using the doubling and halve facts that we practised last half term, can you answer calculations efficiently?

For example: 5 + 6 = ?                                                                    19 + 21 = ?

                    5 + 5 = 10  (double 5 is 10)                                        19 + 1 = 20     21 - 1 = 20

                       + 1 = 11 (6 is 1 more than 5)                                   double 20 = 40


Continue to practise doubling numbers here:



On Thursday, Amber Class visited the Brunel's amazing ship, 'The SS Great Britain,' in Bristol. Photos and fantastic work to follow shortly.

Autumn Week 8

We have had a busy final week of this half term. We learnt to be resilient when completing Maths investigations. We needed to use trial and improvement to find different answers. In one of the problems, we had to collect Brunel's tools from inside a tower. 

We wrote stories based on, 'The Black Hat,' by Maia Walczak. Mrs Brown was so impressed with the adventurous vocabulary that we included.

We learnt that Jewish people hang the Mezuzah on their front doors to remind them that God is present. 

We shared our learning about William Morris with our parents and friends. We worked together during our inspire session to create polyprints and make our own group wallpaper. We had to make sure we printed in the same place each time when we added more colours. 


Autumn Week 7

We used the number bonds to 10 that we know to help us find number bonds to 100. We spotted patterns and found missing parts.

We wrote setting descriptions about a forest. We listened to sounds, smelt plants and felt leaves, stones, twigs and nuts. This helped us think of interesting vocabulary to use. 

We learnt how to use watercolour paints. We looked closely at leaves and experimented making different colours and effects. We then drew and painted our own leaves.

We have continued to listen to rock music and practise singing a song in a group. 

Autumn Week 6 

We have been busy revising number facts to 20 through our Maths work this week. We found that addition is commutative so the parts can be added in any order. We also wrote matching subtraction facts by taking parts away from the whole. We also learnt that addition and subtraction are the inverse of each other.

We have finally completed our factsheets about Brunel. We edited them and wrote them up neatly. We thought about how we wanted to present them so that they were eye- catching and clear. We also included photographs and captions.

Check out this link to watch a video about Brunel's life! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zovFQQ2SwBc 

We checked our potatoes and found that the potato rubbed in the muddy puddle and changed the most. It had grown some furry mould! It is important that we know where most germs are found so we know when we need to wash our hands and prevent us from being ill.

We learnt about the Victorian artist, William Morris. We looked carefully at his prints and spotted that he used images from nature. E.g. leaves, birds and flowers. We also noticed that he used a variety of colours and repeated his patterns. We look forward to creating our own wallpaper inspired by Morris.

The Strawberry Thief

Autumn Week 5

We have started writing our factsheets about Brunel. We had to research facts on the internet and in books. We were good at using our WAGOLL to remind us of all the things we need to include.

We have been ordering numbers and placing them on a number line. We learnt we need to look at how many tens it has. If it has the same number of tens, you compare the ones.
In Science, we did experiments to test where germs are found. We put a potato in a bag, rubbed one in a sink, on Cristal's hand and in a muddy puddle. We made predictions about which area would have the most germs. We will look at the potatoes next week to see if bacteria has grown. We learnt germs are everywhere and we need to wash our clothes and bodies to stay healthy.
Exercise is also important to our health. We planned our own exercises to make our heart beat faster or work our muscles.


      Super team work!                                                         Great push ups!
Autumn Week 4

 We learnt to compare numbers by saying phrases like, '42 is greater than 27,' and '12 is less than 21.' We realised it was quicker to compare them using greater, less than and equal symbols.

We practised spelling words using a 'soft c.' We also learnt that commas hep us read long lists. You use a comma between each item and then 'and' before the last thing in the list.

We are developing some excellent IT skills such as, logging on, saving files, retrieving work from our own folders and editing fonts.

Autumn Week 3 

Last week, we really enjoyed the skipping workshops and we have continued to develop our skills further. Lots of us have been skipping at playtimes too! 

We have already learnt the, 'kn,' 'gn' and 'wr,' graphemes and have been playing lots of games to learn our spellings. We are also really enjoying reading, 'The Twits,'by Roald Dahl. The Twits are so naughty!

In Maths, we have been partitioning numbers and have learnt that this can be done in a variety of different ways. e.g. 46 is 40 +6 but also could be 30 + 16 or 26 +20! Part, part, whole models have really helped us with this idea. 

We became scientists and explored how germs can spread easily by touching each other. We also learnt they are tricky to get off so you must wash your hands thoroughly. Luckily, we were using glitter rather than actual germs! 

Autumn Week 1 and 2

We have been busy settling into new routines, writing our class contract and finding where everything is in our classroom. We now know how to be, 'ready, respectful and safe,' in Amber class. 

We read the story, 'Supermarket Zoo,' and learnt to retell it. We drew a story map and added key vocabulary to our wall. We learnt about adjectives and then showed what we have learnt by writing descriptions of monsters and short stories about the main character's trip to the monster market.

We have been busy practising counting to 100. Exploring all the equipment in the classroom was really fun and we were able to represent 2 digit numbers in a variety of different ways. 

We had a WOW day to launch our new topic, 'Brilliant Brunel.' The classroom was filled with genuine Victorian artefacts. We became museum workers and had to create labels for them. We had some really interesting ideas. We noticed that none of the items had plugs so we decided they may not have had electricity in their homes like we do. We made a human timeline to put the Victorians in history. 




 Check out our photos from our school trips!
















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