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Puriton Primary School

Puriton Primary School


Please click here for our Admission Arrangements for 2023/24

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The consultation on Puriton Primary School 2020/21 admission arrangements ended on 31 January 2019 and there were no comments received in relation to the proposed policies.


The Governing Body have therefore agreed the Admission Arrangements for 2020/21.

Please click here for our Admission Arrangements for 2020/21


Application to start school for the first time

Children starting school for the first time are normally expected to start in the September following their fourth birthday.   

Parents/carers have the right to defer their child’s entry to school for a limited period of time, although legally a child must be accessing full time education from the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. Other than exceptional circumstances, we encourage all children to start school with their peers in September.

Puriton Primary School converted to become an academy and joined the Clevedon Learning Trust on 1st September 2017. Puriton school is currently still using the Somerset Local Authority primary admission arrangements for 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21 and 201/22.

In Year Applications for joining other classes at other times

To apply for a place at Puriton Primary School during the school year you need to complete an In-Year Application Form (for each child) and return it to us. 

This form is available from the school office or to download by clicking here.

Please bear in mind that places can only be offered up to a maximum of half a term or six weeks in advance of when the place would be taken up.

Once we have received your completed form, and providing we have available spaces, we will write to you and arrange a suitable starting date.

Our Planned Admission Number for each year group is 30.   

If your child is refused a place at our school you have the right to appeal against the decision.  A letter telling you that a place cannot be offered to your child will be sent to you and will include an appeal form and details of how to appeal if you wish to do so. The letter will also tell you the time limit within which you can appeal. 

Full details on the admissions process in Somerset can be obtained by following this link www.somerset.gov.uk/education-and-families/#starting-school

Please click here for our Admission Arrangements for 2021/22